We first began teaching in schools over 6 years ago with a program that involved some elaborate recipes & food types. 

It quickly became apparent that some students didn't know how to boil a pot of rice, hold a knife correctly, or basic food safety. 

We realised this food education program would be difficult to replicate at home which defeated the purpose of our workshops - we aim to help educate students on how to cook wholesome dishes and replicate these recipes for themselves, family & friends. Consequently restructured our 1-week program to include the very basic cooking skills in the first 2 days.

We now lead by teaching hands-on cooking skills, food budgeting, practicing & ways to apply this to everyday life. We don't focus too much on the current outdated modules or the use of expensive or generally unattainable food ingredients.

We talk about food hygiene, food contamination, how to cook in bulk, how to store food. We discuss food sustainability, how to cut down on waste & ways to make incremental changes to help with the issues faced by climate change. We then move to knife skills & food cooking techniques- how to get the best out of your produce, how to prepare veg, meat, fish & grains & how to cook for a group. We inquire about our students' own food habits & interests and meet them in the middle by showing them what they would like to know. We show how restaurants & fast-food outlets make some of their favorite dishes, outlining the cost comparison & health benefits of making it themselves.


To date we have held approx 250 classes & educated 800 pupils, the results are positive with feedback from students & parents that our recipes are being replicated at home.


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Avril Murphy

Avril has worked in the food industry for the last 20 years as a Chef, Food Consultant, and Cooking Tutor.

She offers assistance with Operations Consulting, Marketing Assistance, Concept Design, Menu Development, Staff Training, Food Sourcing, Food Styling, Recipe writing  & Kitchen Design.

Past clients include Masterchef, Industry Cafe, The Good Food Store, Cattle Grid, Block T, Conway Communications, Happy Food @ The Yoga Hub, Blas Cafe, Mortons, Provender & Family, As one Restaurant.

For the past 6 years, Avril has been focusing on running Cooking Workshops for Adults & Children as she is passionate about sharing cooking techniques and knowledge in a way that helps people enjoy cooking & encourages a healthy and happy lifestyle.


She loves teaching kids how to create some of their favorite as well as new exciting dishes and has come to realise that confidence plays a big part in children's ability to cook and enjoy cooking, she gets great fulfillment in encouraging students to realise and enjoy their newly discovered culinary abilities.  

Avril has run TY cooking workshops in St Michaels College, Merrion, Dublin for the past 4 years, these workshops run throughout the year, offering students a hands-on cooking experience using a pop-up cookery school at the school's location. Previously Avril has run workshops on behalf of Dyspraxia Ireland & Focus Ireland.


Avril is First Aid Certified, Garda vetted & fully insured.

Environmental Scientist

Áine O Shea

Áine is an Environmental Scientist working in consultancy in Dublin for the past  6 years. Áine studied Environmental and Natural Resource Management, which led to gaining extensive knowledge of biological water monitoring. She also has experience in providing environmental oversight and ongoing review of waste management and waste recovery.  Áine’s passion lies in the Circular Economy – reducing, reusing, and finally recycling where possible.

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