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Another Fine Mess is in Enniskerry for Summer 2023 to welcome you to participate in our Pop UP Cooking Workshops.

We provide camps for teens 12-17 years of age with an incredible range of exciting and creative recipes. We offer a stimulating program for all our campers, no matter their interests or level of experience.

We pop up our cooking camp under the stretch tent in the heart of the beautiful  Village of Enniskerry, Wicklow.


Our cooking camp for teens is a fun and interactive way for young adults to learn about the art of cooking. During the camp, participants will have the opportunity to learn about different types of cuisine, cooking techniques, and kitchen safety. They will also have the chance to work in a  pop-up kitchen, preparing meals under the guidance of experienced chefs.

The camp is designed for teens aged 12-17 and is open to beginners and experienced cooks. Each day, campers will participate in hands-on cooking classes, where they will learn how to prepare a variety of dishes, from classic comfort foods to more exotic international cuisine. They will also learn about nutrition, healthy eating, and how to plan and create balanced meals.

In addition to cooking classes, campers will also participate in other fun activities, games and challenges and a sit-down meal together.

By the end of the camp, participants will have gained valuable cooking skills and knowledge, as well as a greater appreciation for the art of cooking. They will also have had a blast and made new friends along the way!


Another Fine Mess Outdoor Summer Camp are great for those who would love to learn more about culinary skills while also enjoying the social aspect of the workshop. The cooking program is centred around healthy eating and enjoying a balanced healthy diet.


There are 24 spaces available on each weekly camp.


The camp is for ages  12 to 17 years.

The camp runs Monday - Friday from 10.30-2.30 each day.

The cost per person: is €295 per week. 

This includes all equipment and utensils needed for the weekly camp. Participants will make two dishes daily, which they will enjoy eating together during the workshop. There is no need for your teen to bring lunch as they will eat at the camp. This is all included in the camp price.

Our veg & our meats are locally sourced where possible, and all recipes and menu items are demonstrated or made from scratch.

Participants get hands-on cooking experience in teams of two working at their own tables. We do our best to team guests up with similar age groups for the week; however, friends can always choose to work together if they prefer. 

Unfortunately, students are not permitted to take savoury dishes home, but parents are welcome to arrive early each day if they wish to try the amazing dishes made by the teens! This is due to insurance reasons beyond our control. We hope you can indulge in the dishes learned when your teens cook at home for parents and family.

Participants get hands-on experience in teams of two working at their stations, learning skills such as:

  • Knife Skills- (Opinel "le Petit Chef"safety knives for  teens workshops)

  • Pasta Making

  • Hand-Pulled Noodles

  • Pizza making

  • Cooking for friends.

  • Basic Fermenting skills - healthy fizzy drinks.

  • Fish filleting demonstration.

  • Knife skills.

  • Basic Food Sustainability.

A general class is as follows:

  • Participants watch a short demo.

  • Prepare their dishes with the skills learned using our pop-up cooking equipment.

  • Sit down and enjoy their meal together.

  • Clean down and get ready for home time.

We are an outdoor  "pop-up cooking camp"  we use our specially designed tables and have two Ooni pizza ovens on site.

IMG_7421 2.JPG




The 185 and 44 bus services leave visitors in Enniskerry Village just outside the Schoolhouse for Art.

The venue has a bus stop directly outside, which serves an hourly bus service that runs from Ranelagh (Stop 852) - to Enniskerry (Stop 4905) daily. Alternatively, the 185 from Bray also is an option.



It may be possible at an extra cost to arrange a bus from Dublin or Bray if sufficient numbers require it - Please let us know by email if this would interest you. Or if you are interested in carpooling, also let us know by email:


Directions from Dublin City Centre

Take the N11 southbound (Wexford). At approximately 19 km, take exit 7 for Bray South, Enniskerry.                                                 
Turn left at the roundabout, travel over the flyover and rejoin the N11 northbound.                                                                                                       
Take the first left for Enniskerry Village (Exit 6a).                                                                                                                                                                
Continue along the road to Enniskerry Village.
Our premises is opposite the Clock tower, in the village square.

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.1928° N, 6.1699° W

Google maps provide excellent directions for those arriving to Enniskerry village by car.


  1. Some drinks for each day. 

  2. Aprons.

  3. Tea Towel.

  4. Raincoat.

  5. Something to tie back long hair.

  6. Sunscreen.

All our recipes can be adapted to suit your teen's dietary requirements.

These will be the same recipes as listed, although they will be adapted to suit the attendee with the following taken into account.

1. Vegetarian 
2. Halal
3. Vegan 
4. Allergies
5. Anything your Teen just can't bear to eat ( within reason, of course!)

Please let us know so we can have alternatives ready!

*If an attendee would prefer not to work in a team of two for the week's camp, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate where possible.*

Welcome to another incredible summer at  Another Fine Mess Cooking Camp. 

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