Food Consultants, Chefs, and an Environmental Scientist providing realistic attainable solutions and support to businesses

& schools who are eager to enhance their food offering and food education standards dramatically.

We teach hands-on cooking skills in a safe, supervised, and engaging environment.

We talk about food hygiene, food contamination, how to cook in bulk, how to store food. We discuss food sustainability, how to cut down on waste & ways to make incremental changes to help with the issues faced by climate change.


We demonstrate knife skills & food cooking techniques- how to get the best out of your produce, how to prepare veg, meat, fish & grains & how to cook for a group. We inquire about our students' own food habits & interests and meet them in the middle by showing them what they would like to know. 

Our aim is educating students on how to cook wholesome dishes and to replicate these recipes for themselves, family & friends. 


To date we have held approx 300 classes & educated over 1000 pupils, the results are positive with feedback from students & parents that our recipes are being replicated at home.

We set up our POP-UP COOKING CLASS in a room or OUTDOOR SPACE  at your school!!
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Phone: 0864521262