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Join us on a culinary adventure by attending our cooking workshops at our new indoor location at the Boatyard in Greystones.


Our workshops offer one-day and seasonal  4- day hands-on experiences, guiding you through the creation of delectable dishes.

With small class sizes, we ensure that you get the most out of your experience, with a maximum of 10 people per workshop.

Our events are also perfect for  birthday parties, so don't hesitate to reach out to us!

All courses are exclusively bookable for up to 10 persons on request


We are situated near Greystones Marina, just a 9-minute walk from the Dart Station. Many of our previous workshop attendees have arrived via the Dart from Dublin.

Summer Workshops

Our four-day cooking workshops are meticulously crafted to ignite a passion for food, foster creativity in the kitchen, and create unforgettable memories. Set in a charmingly renovated boat shed, accompanied by an inviting outdoor space complete with a wood-fired pizza oven, our workshops provide the perfect backdrop for young chefs to hone their skills and connect with fellow food enthusiasts.

Venture outdoors and embrace the joys of cooking pizza al fresco in our outdoor area, where the tantalising aroma of freshly made pizzas fills the air.

At our workshops, we believe in the power of hands-on learning. Our approach is grounded in traditional methods, where teens learn to create culinary masterpieces using simple tools like mortar and pestles. Through tactile experiences, they develop a deeper understanding of ingredients, enhance sensory skills, and cultivate a genuine appreciation for the art of cooking.

 With small class sizes, we ensure that each participant receives individual attention, allowing them to explore, experiment, and grow in a nurturing environment.

Teens have the freedom to choose their own workspace, whether it's a communal table for collaborative cooking or a quiet corner for focused experimentation. With the flexibility to customise their culinary experience, they can unleash their creativity and discover the joy of cooking in their own unique way.

Join us for an unforgettable culinary journey and unlock the chef within! Spaces are filling up fast for our June Summer Workshops for Teens in Greystones – secure your spot today and embark on a hands-on culinary adventure like no other.

Unlock your teen's culinary potential with our hands-on cooking workshops! Our  instructors will guide them through every step as they learn new skills and techniques in the kitchen. And the best part? Your teen will get to enjoy a delicious lunch they've cooked themselves!


With a proven track record of success, our workshops have been a hit with students who can't wait to come back for more. Sign up now and give your teen the gift of culinary confidence!

Booking Deposit of : €150
Remaining balance to be paid on the week before attendance.

One-Day Workshops


Pasta dish made by Teens
Pasta & Beef Ragu
Cavatelli - Handmade Pasta Recipe
Hand made Italian sauce
Meatballs for pasta
Sugo pomodoro workshop

Incorporating spices and herbs into our cooking can reduce the need for added sugar, salt, and artificial flavorings. This natural approach can also help train your palate and body to avoid these unhealthy additives. It's a simple way to make a healthier choice for our meals. seeking addictive foods and resulting in a healthier gut biome, healthy gut, healthy mind!


Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop
Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop
Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop

Our goal is to make healthy food easily accessible and convenient for everyone. Unlike fast foods, our recipes are designed to offer quick and healthy meal options. As seasoned instructors who have taught eager TY students for more than 8 years, we know that time is crucial in keeping our workshops both engaging and effective.


Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop
Thai Curry Cooking Class
Dumpling Cooking Class
Gyoza Cooking Class
Thai Curry Cooking Class for Teens
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