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Cooking Workshops
Avril Murphy Chef


Avril has worked in the food industry for over 20 years as a Chef, Food & Operations Consultant, and Cooking Tutor.

She offers assistance with; 

Restaurant & Cafe Operations Consulting, Concept Design, Menu Development, Staff Training, Food Sourcing, Recipe writing & Kitchen Design.

Past clients include;

Masterchef, Industry-Drury Street, The Good Food Store, Cattle Grid, Block T, The Hive, Happy Food @ The Yoga Hub, Blas Cafe, Mortons, Provender & Family, As one Restaurant & Bewleys Cafe.

Avril has developed AFM Cooking Workshops as she is passionate about sharing cooking techniques and knowledge in a way that helps people enjoy cooking & encourages a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Avril has provided TY cooking workshops at St Michael's College, Merrion, Dublin, for over six years. These workshops run throughout the year, offering students a hands-on cooking experience using a pop-up cookery school at the school's location.


Previously Avril has run workshops for

Dyspraxia Ireland, Focus Ireland and the Together Academy.


Avril is Garda vetted & fully insured.

Avril Murphy
Cooking Workshops C

Environmental Scientist

Áine O Shea

Áine is an Environmental Scientist working in consultancy in Dublin for the past  6 years.

Áine studied Environmental and Natural Resource Management, which led to gaining extensive knowledge of biological water monitoring. She also has experience in providing environmental oversight and ongoing review of waste management and waste recovery.  Áine’s passion lies in the Circular Economy – reducing, reusing, and finally recycling where possible.

Tadgh Byrne Chef

Guest Chef & Tutor

Tadgh Byrne

Tadgh graduated with his culinary arts degree in 2008, before going on to further studies in gastronomy.His early training included stints in Brooklodge, Eden, and the Clarendon restaurants. After a time spent travelling, he returned to Ireland where he took on head chef roles in Dublin's Two Pups Coffee, Network Café and the Cake Café. Championing local produce as a way to eat sustainably and ethically is one of his passions. He founded and writes for The Feed, a blog about food and culture in Dublin.


Pasta dish made by Teens
Pasta & Beef Ragu
Cavatelli - Handmade Pasta Recipe
Hand made Italian sauce
Meatballs for pasta
Sugo pomodoro workshop

Incorporating spices and herbs into our cooking can reduce the need for added sugar, salt, and artificial flavorings. This natural approach can also help train your palate and body to avoid these unhealthy additives. It's a simple way to make a healthier choice for our meals. seeking addictive foods and resulting in a healthier gut biome, healthy gut, healthy mind!


Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop
Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop
Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop

Our goal is to make healthy food easily accessible and convenient for everyone. Unlike fast foods, our recipes are designed to offer quick and healthy meal options. As seasoned instructors who have taught eager TY students for more than 8 years, we know that time is crucial in keeping our workshops both engaging and effective.


Healthy Teriyaki Bowl Cooking Workshop
Thai Curry Cooking Class
Dumpling Cooking Class
Gyoza Cooking Class
Thai Curry Cooking Class for Teens
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