Hands-On Cooking Workshops

We set up our POP-UP COOKING CLASS in a room or OUTDOOR SPACE  at your school.

We can also stream our live demonstrations straight to your classroom, and deliver ingredient boxes so your TY students can participate in our online hands-on cooking class.

We encourage students to trust their instincts, develop their taste resulting in students gaining great confidence in realising their ability to cook healthy delicious meals for themselves, their friends, and families.

Demonstrate basic knife skills & food cooking techniques- how to get the best out of your produce, how to prepare veg, meat, fish & grains & how to cook for a group.

Educate students about food budgeting, food hygiene, food contamination, how to cook in bulk, and correctly store food.


Discuss food sustainability, how to cut down on waste & ways to make incremental changes to help with the issues faced by climate change.

Enquire about our students' own food habits & interests and meet them in the middle by showing them what they would like to know.

How it works

We generally arrive at the school at 10 am on Saturday to set up our class and leave by 5 pm the following Saturday, it takes us about 3-4hrs to set up & 3hrs to pack down our class. (These times can be adjusted to suit the needs of the school.)
We prefer locations that have access to a kitchenette and hot water but can work around this if necessary.

We provide all equipment & produce. This includes tables with a food safety height requirement of 70-90 cm, induction or gas hobs, all utensils, and equipment required for the weeks cooking workshop.

Everyone will get to enjoy a 3hr class where they watch short demonstrations and get to cook and enjoy their own meals together.

Students work in teams of two getting hands-on experience at their own work stations learning skills such as:

  • Knife Skills- (Opinel "le Petit Chef" kids safety knives)

  • Pasta Making

  • Cooking for friends.

  • Basic Fermenting skills - healthy fizzy drinks!​​

  • Basic Food Sustainability.


A general class is as follows: 

  • Students watching a short demo.

  • Preparing their own dishes with the skills learned.

  • Sit down and enjoy their meal together.

  • Clean down and get ready for home time.

Students will leave with an online manual containing the recipes cooked during the workshop.

We are fully insured & garda vetted.
Min attendees are 15 per class & max is 30.
Age groups are 8-12yrs & 12-16yrs and TY Students.

Our veg is organic and our meats are locally sourced, click on the below logos to find out more about the suppliers we use!

Screenshot 2020-01-24 16.50.11.png


Booking Info 

Pop- up Workshops  are available in; 

Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford.

We provide all equipment, recipes, locally sourced & organic ingredients.

We run 3- day, 4-day, and 5-day workshops.

The price of a 5-day workshop for 24 students is  €300  per student

Email;    info@afmcooking.com

Phone;  086 4521262

Min attendees are 12 per class & max is 24

Age groups are 8-12yrs & 12-16yrs and TY Students.

Executive Chef & Tutor

Avril has worked in the food industry for over 20 years as a Chef, Food Consultant, and Cooking Tutor.

She offers assistance with Operations Consulting, Marketing Assistance, Concept Design, Menu Development, Staff Training, Food Sourcing, Food Styling, Recipe writing  & Kitchen Design.

Past clients include :

For the past 6 years, Avril has been focusing on running Cooking Workshops for Adults & Children as she is passionate about sharing cooking techniques and knowledge in a way that helps people enjoy cooking & encourages a healthy and happy lifestyle.


She loves teaching kids how to create some of their favorite as well as new exciting dishes and has come to realise that confidence plays a big part in children's ability to cook and enjoy cooking, she gets great fulfillment in encouraging students to realise and enjoy their newly discovered culinary abilities.  

Avril has run TY cooking workshops in St Michaels College, Merrion, Dublin for the past 6 years, these workshops run throughout the year, offering students a hands-on cooking experience using a pop-up cookery school at the school's location. Previously Avril has run workshops on behalf of Dyspraxia Ireland & Focus Ireland.


Avril is First Aid Certified, Garda vetted & fully insured.

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